Sat Feb 25 16:23:05 EST 2006



     I was going to leave this page blank basically because I'm a lousy typist but also I'm not good about talking about myself. Currently you might say I'm between "real" jobs.  I had lost my job a while back (who am I kidding..as of this writing its been almost a year) as a  manager of a local clothing store.  Since then I have been in the search for a comparable salaried position within reasonable commuting from my home. Having run out of unemployment I decided to go for my NYS real estate license. I took the required course and passed the test, so now I'm a

NYS Licensed Real Estate Associate.

( As of this edit 8-8-10 I have been an agent almost 5 years now and doing quite well)

  I do have a web site for that if anyone cares to look.  MENDELL'S.com 

Please........ if anyone would like to buy a house in the area or knows someone who does kindly contact me. I would appreciate it.


     Basically I'm a self taught frustrated artist. I wish I had a studio (or a small closet) to use as one where I could create, but we have to make a living.  I had a friend in high school who we used to draw cartoons  together.  Back then I always felt he was much more talented than me. Now being older I realize that it was my own insecurities.  It was not that he was better, it was that we had different styles. Though I haven't spoken to him since we parted ways in high school I eventually found out he did pursue art and wound up in Washington State. Here's his web site Studio Foglio.com


     So far I have only sold 1 piece, a painting of a lake near where I live.  It was only a few dollars but at least I could honestly say I've sold a painting!


     I know this is not what one would usually write for an about me page so eventually I will revise it, or If I'm smart just delete it altogether.  However if anyone would care to comment or contact me  please use the blog section or go to the contact page and I'll get back to you.  In the mean time I hope you'll come back periodically to see the progress of this site.  As soon as I figure out how to use this digital camera I have I'll bee adding more.


Bye for now.